XAUUSD Trading Strategy – How To Trade Gold

How to trade gold using technical analysis, signals and failed chart patterns.
Get gold trading signals: https://tradingwalk.com/trendpulse (MT4)
Get gold trading signals: https://tradingwalk.com/trendpulsepro (TradingView)

If you want to learn how to trade gold on MT4 or TradingView watch this video until the end because I show you step by step how you can get great results following this gold intraday trading strategy.

What we cover in this video:
– Trend Pulse Pro buy sell signals software and how to use the signals as a very good gold trading strategy.
– Chart patterns in technical analysis.
– The pennant chart pattern and how to trade inside the pattern and consolidations.
– How to trade breakouts.
– The cup and handle chart pattern.
– How to trade failed breakouts.
– Gold trading tips on setting entry stop loss SL and take profit TP.

You can see how I use my forex technical analysis techniques and forex trading strategies just as successfully on XAUUSD Gold as I do when I trade forex pairs like EURUSD, USDJPY and GBPUSD.

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[Trading Walk] How To Trade Gold 2020: How To Trade Gold Trading Strategy XAUUSD