USD/CNH returned below 7.00

What’s next for the Chinese yuan

What's next for the Chinese yuan

USD/CNH has been steadily declining since the start of October on hopes that the United States and China would take steps towards some kind of a trade deal. As a result, the pair closed below the key level of 7.00 for the first time since early August. 

This level together with 7.0304 (100-day MA) will now act as resistance. As long as
the price is below it, we’ll see a top at the market. Only the clear
sign that there will be no deal in the upcoming weeks will push USD/CNH
above 7.03 and to 7.0923 (50-day MA). 

the downside, support is located at 6.95. Around it, there’s the line
connecting 2016 and 2018 highs. The decline below this support will open
the way down to 6.9102 (200-day MA). 


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