UK’s Corbyn wants no confidence vote, delay Brexit, election. Will campaign for a2nd referendum.

I reckon the headline sums it up!

UK Opposition Labour leader Corbyn says will call a vote of no
confidence against Johnson government ‘at the earliest opportunity
when we can be confident of success’

  • says if Johnson loses no-confidence vote, Corbyn would seek to form a strictly time-limited temporary government
  • says aims of temporary government would be to call a general election and extend Brexit departure date
  • says in an election Labour would campaign for second referendum on terms of leaving EU, including an option to remain
  • calls on other party leaders
    and senior cross party lawmakers to discuss his proposal

Reuters report on Corbyn’s letter to party leaders and other senior politicians.

On the timetable I guess Sep 3 would be the earliest opportunity, that’s when MPs return from their summer holiday.  

corbyn 2nd Brexit referendum

GBP moribund. 


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