TOP 3 Day Trading Mistake and How to AVOID

Are you a beginner or inexperienced day trader and making these MISTAKES?

1. Having no PLAN at all:
A lot of beginners day trader is into this “FOMO” or the fear of missing out on the profit they might make if they don’t buy ASAP regardless of its current price. In other words, they are chasing the market which is a dumb decision.

How to avoid this…
a. You must have a plan on what or when to BUY/SELL.
b. You must have an EXIT plan.
c. Always consider your RISK REWARD.

2. Greed or OVER trading:
When I started day trading, this MISTAKE cost me a chunk of money. Instead of trading according to PLAN, this is what I did…over trade! I became emotional and wanting to avenge my loss. I’m one of those day traders that are trading PnL (Profit and Loss).

How to avoid this…
a. Stick to the plan no matter what the market is showing you.
b. Patience is a virtue. BUY/SELL when you see a clear profit and once you’ve reached your TARGET it’s time to STOP.
C. DO NOT GET EMOTIONAL. This will lead to disappointment/discouragement.

3. Getting ADVICE from the so-called GURU:
You don’t have a PLAN and you wanted easy money, you kept on searching for some guru who can bless you instantly with winning trades. So, you follow them and rely mostly on their signal. The result…blown up your account.
This is the DEADLIEST trading mistake I did and I see beginners do.

How to avoid this…
a. Learn the TECH-ANA from a person you know well or you TRUST.
b. Do not jump on REAL trading account without mastering the DEMO trading account.

Once you AVOID these TOP 3 MISTAKEs, all I want from you is thank me for sharing this opportunity with you.

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Gob Bless!

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