PENGUINS ATTACK GJ AGAIN… GBPJPY 14/12/2019 for FX:GBPJPY by Snipers-Academy — TradingView

Hello Traders!

We would like to show you a game…

While Penguins are on the hunt, you can easily join them as well!

It is easy, all you need to do is to collect the hearts and watch for the pig and thunder signs.

Targets are marked on the chart as a crosshair.

Heart in the box – a place to jump in/out

Sign with exclamation mark – places to be aware of a few different types of reactions from this level

Target sign – the first target to focus on

Thunder sign – spot to react – possible jump to push into reversal

Penguin – expected direction

Have fun with it, and remember – this game is about the patience. Keep yourself cool, whilst not being greedy.

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