Nzd/Usd Buy Idea (Update) See Previous Analysis for FX:NZDUSD by RlcTrading — TradingView

So in my last analysis I predicted that Nzd/Usd would have a pullback. I told you where that pullback would happen. So the pullback happened on the daily time frame. See my previous analysis in the link below “Link to Related Ideas” … This prediction was absolutely perfect! It was as precise as it could get! How did I do that? I used 2 Fibonacci’s and then I put one Fib on the big green candle that shot up during news….

So I put the Fib Retracement on that Giant Green Candle ONLY!!!!! And this was how I was able to predict where price would pull back to alone with that price level also being a level of support…..

Now it is time to buy again and Im actually holding a buy over the weekend!!!!

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