JAGfx 12hr High Probability charts Mon 17th February 2020 for OANDA:EURJPY by JAGfx — TradingView

The start of my High Probability trading on the 12hr charts. Just new to TradingView and finding my feet. The trading method will be explained in more detail as the videos progress as I will try to publish twice a day, when there has been some action on this time frame. For me, the new 12hr candle opens at 5am and 5pm local as I am based in Vietnam, however I don’t normally get to my charts until at least 6am. I do use hedging in my trading and increase position sizing on trades. These will all be noted on the charts from the top down. It is high risk trading and is not for every one. I’m also not a trade signal service, so please don’t blindly d=follow my trades…do your own analysis. Cheers.

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