It’s Monday, that means Florida coronavirus cases will probably be lower

Florida cases due around the bottom of the hour

I’ve highlighted this for a few weeks now but Florida coronavirus numbers tend to be low on the weekend.

They hit a record 9585 on Saturday then fell to 8530 yesterday. I would expect something lower given the Monday trends.

Last Monday, cases were 2926 compared to 4049 on Saturday and 3494 on Sunday. If you go back a few weeks, you can ballpark it around -25%, so estimate around 6400.

Florida cases due around the bottom of the hour

The next question is how much the market is already anticipating this. I’ve been writing about it for two weeks and there’s no doubt it’s been noticed. I expect there are some people front-running this right now with stocks at the best levels of the day. We’ll see if they take profits after the number.
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