GPB/AUD in a BAT Armonic Pattern with bearish proyection. for FOREXCOM:GBPAUD by harisonhbn031897 — TradingView

Hello, everybody, in this technical analysis . I do make there in 1 hour. So, I am analyzing GPB/AUD or calling like Sterling Pound (Great Britain) and Australian Dollar (Australia). So, we have there that there is a bearish armonic pattern called BAT and my focus proyection is around of $1.9485 each GPB, but buying it with Australin Dollar to being get short.

Meanwhile, there are a reason that I don’t mentioned here, because in the past there are by an Armonic Pattern ABCD in form in diamond pointing high lower before to appear the bearish armonic pattern called BAT. Look inside in the graphics carefully and you might to identify there, and it’s by localized between from the point A to D inside in the BAT armonic pattern.

So, guys, now if the BAT it’s going to achieve my proyection that I proyect, we have a sell it in GPB to buy AUD to get short until $1.9340 approximately in the 0.50 FIBO earning 144 pips approximately and a drop of 0.77% of correction, and if begins a new trend, we need to check up the graphics to proyect to what will happens from there and a posibble bearish short in short and med-term that I see up on the display, but there are my opinions in respect so what would happen from there.

So, attentive so what would happen!!!

This concepts are wide, complex and advanced , guys and I studying and practice then in a Forex academy that they training me for learning about it.

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