Gold gold Where are you going?? for FOREXCOM:XAUUSD by Anderson_Guilcapi — TradingView

Mainly two perspectives on gold .
Most likely, will return to low levels.
The great uptrend that has ended shows us the importance of the 0.618 level in fibo. But we can see a clear signal that this level will be retested.
It is very possible that there are “Stop Hunter.” Between levels 0.618 and 0.5 of fibo. This must really be taken into account to make any decision.
There is a great opening of possibilities of what can happen and finding us at the end of the year is even more risky interaction and market response.

There really is a great opportunity to open a long position. However, the risk is high.

I hope to take a couple of positions in the case that it drops to lower levels of 0.618.

Another very possible scenario is that gold will no longer continue with an upward trend.

A bearish perspective is possible in a very wide panorama we can see doji formation.

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