GBPAUD 9/11/2019

GBPAUD 9/11/2019

Hello Traders! Witaj!

We play with Smartmoney concepts, that means that we focus mostly on price action to determine what will happen in future.
As we all know, price is moved by BIG players: Banks, Institutional traders, HFT bots (we call them all of them SmartMoney).
They can’t play as we do, cause of a HUGE lot sizes, so cause of that they need to SELL to BUY and BUY to SELL for positioning them self in the best possible spot.
If u were learn about trading from free and accessible knowledge, u probably heard about BUYing LOW and SELLing HIGH?
So SmartMoney must BUY LOWER and SELL HIGHER 🙂
We as retail traders are just a small fish in this ocean, so we need to catch the waves which are created by SmartMoney.

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