EurUsd ‘ Trend himself replying. for FX_IDC:EURUSD by fxCROWN — TradingView

Welcome. Hello everyone.
Here is my technical analis about this EUR/USD .
Okay Let’s start {Review}.

What we can see here first, is two same pattern on one pair, near period.

I call this strategy ‘Trend replay’. It’s not new. But meybe little bit I made changes.

Interesting this is, as we can see P1 looks mutch bigger than P2 . Right? It’s more large with period too. It’s looks like short version of P1.

P2 is a similar movement but with a prediction about where the trend will go next, based on P1’s next trend continiew.

If we check technicaly will see there is 4 times drop down on p1

and also 4 times already drop down on p2.

That mean’s this two figure scaled in chart. Is similar more than 90% with forms, drops and patterns.

But what we dont know 100% is if the trend will do it again one more.

It’s looks like we are waiting for 5/5 because we already know we have 4/4.

So if we check this Strategy like a Bet or Double kind of system, yes we have 90% chance to got 5/5. But right now and situations like this, our trend is complated only 4/5.

Actualy this strategy is cool. Because when you are trying to find similar moverment like this one on this chart. You start rendgering whole graphs. Also this will be great tool for improve technical analys skills to.

It’s kind of Proffesional traders views and strategys. Because no all members of tradingivew have skill for got it full or how to work with.

Thank you. Enjoy.

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