EURUSD 1.1850 Up Next | Action Forex

The euro currency has suffered its worst two-day sell-off against the US dollar since early-March as the pair continues to breakthrough key support level. Rising trendline support offers the next most meaningful area of technical support for the EURUSD, around the 1.1850 level. If the 1.1840 level is broken then the pair could be at risk of test the yearly low close to the 1.1700 level.

The EURUSD pair is only bullish while trading above the 1.2000 level, key resistance is found at the 1.2060 and 1.2100 levels.

EURUSD pair is only bearish while trading below the 1.2000 level, key support is found at the 1.1840 and 1.1700 levels.

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