AUD.USD ready for a Bounce? AU at an Important Support for FX:AUDUSD by EuroMotif — TradingView

AU had miss on the Jobs Report, which spiked it down.
This after NU got a serious boost from RBNZ rate surprise.
We are now at an important support that Bulls need to hold.

This is an update to my previous Analysis looking for the Top (click).

See some of my other Forex calls below.

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AUD.USD .693 Top Call (recent top mapped)
AUD.USD trend Short (perfect short a year ago)
NZD.USD bounce Call (massive profit, no drawdown)
EUR.USD short call (still in play)
EUR.USD bounce plot (found last bottom)
EUR.USD short call (in time, to the Pip)
EUR.USD long call (scalp that ran hard)
EUR.USD short Call (perfect top, huge profits)
EUR.USD trend Short (the very tip-top a year ago)
USD.CAD short call (perfect entry, huge profits)
GBP.USD scalp zones (pinpoint Entries/targets)
GBP.USD dip Call (just in time, quick 70 pips)
DXY toping call (Upthrust warning just in time)
USD.JPY short to long (recent perfect entries)
AUD.USD trend Short (perfect short a year ago)
XAU.USD top call (exact top pegged)
XAU.USD to $1367? (caught most of the spike)
XAU.USD bounce call (perfect entry, huge profits)
XAU.USD long to short (recent perfect entries)
Silver Bounce scalp (Perfect entry, still in play)
Copper Bounce call (Prefect entry, almost done)
SPX recent top (Fib extensions at work)

Of course, I have had total FAILS on some plots also, not going to pretend.

But my plans offer PRECISE entries, TIGHT stops, and EXACT take profits.

Precision is the way of the Fib. Almost every turn happens at a Fib Line.

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